Brian & Megan – August 29, 2015 – Quail Hollow Resort Wedding

Okay, so there’s one thing you need to know about Brian and Megan.  They’re weird.  Odd as codfish and sometimes a bit off their respective rockers.  And you know that within….hmmm, about 30 seconds of meeting them.  But what you also need to know is something they don’t wear quite so obviously as their silliness.  They are two of the kindest, most caring and deeply devoted to making everyone they care for and everyone who is simply lucky enough to be in their presence feel good kinda people as well.  That may take as long as a couple of minutes for you to pick up on.

These two are a perfect balance for each other.  Megan is the planner, Brian is the wrench that loves to throw himself in the works. Megan is the whoopser, the klutz and reputedly the destroyer of motor vehicles and Brian is the guru of putting it all back to rights.  Together they are an amazing team, whether racing their Mazda, Zoomy, at the track by Nelson’s Ledges (where they met lo these many years ago) or just chilling out cooking up delicious soups at Lobster Taco Racing Headquarters (that’s home to you regular folk) with their furry four legged canine kiddo.

I know I am supposed to get all bloggy about the details of their wedding day, but I prefer the photos to tell that tale.  Suffice to say it was a whirlwind of fun and love and all the things a perfectly planned wedding can be.  And somewhere in the myriad moments of silliness I made a request I’d never made before; I asked if I could be part of their day in the immortalized in a photo with them kinda way.  So there’s your Where’s Waldo challenge; while you peruse with pleasure all the magical moments see if you can spot yours truly.  Bon voyage!