Ocea & Dave – North Park – Pittsburgh Wedding

The forecast was not so good – the radar looked like an invasion of Pikachus was on its way.  But nothing would, could or did dampen the spirit of the day that Ocea & Dave said their marriage vows.  I joined them as they were finishing spiffying up and donning their wedding gown and suit and their faces when they saw each other for the first time made all of us tear up.  And as the first drizzle of rain started coming down we headed out to North Park.

Upon arrival a thunderstorm was lighting up the sky which moved their ceremony under the pavilion.  But as they performed their self-marriage (go PA for nifty non-officiant needed ceremonies!) before their Witnesses, friends and families the turbulence of the weather was pushed back by the glow of joy radiating from everyone in attendance.   We delayed taking their Newlywed portraits in the hope the weather would clear up and it did so spectacularly that by the time everyone was done with the delicious meal the sun was breaking through the clouds.  Nice little bit of symbolism right there.   Every bit of the day from the fairy lights created by Ocea to the stunning and unique blooms in the Bride’s bouquet reflected the care and detail Mr. & Mrs. McCarty put into their amazing “party in the park”!

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