Chrystal & Josh – Valley Lake Campground Wedding – June 16, 2017

This wedding came off beautifully!  And you know why?  Because planning, detailed, beautifully executed planning by an amazing group of people.  Chrystal, Josh and a phenomenal group of family and friends who love them came together and took Chrystal’s dream and made it real!  I love getting inside details on wedding planning from my couples, and with Chrystal I gladly exchanged texts and Facebook messages for hours and was simply giddy with excitement as I saw her vision coming together bit by bit.  From the longtime family friends who re-opened the amazing Valley Lake Campground to my own family’s adopted Aunt Kim (who holds the same position of honor to Chrystal as well because she is that awesome) custom mixed drink menu and plethora of Jello-o shots (yeah, I now know there is a such a thing as Jell-o shot racing) to the many, many hands who prepared food, help decorate and so many other touches.
The reason why everyone came together to celebrate is the simple, but clear love that Josh and Chrystal share for each other and the daughters that Josh has taken into his heart as his own.  Josh was prepared to be a bachelor for at least another 14 years, but was powerless to resist the charms of three lovely ladies!

We began our day at Chrystal’s salon, His & Hers Salon and Barbershop, where everyone was beautified from hair to nails to make-up in a sweet, rustic setting.  We met up with the Groom in Garretsville, where these two grew up and where we had held their engagement session.  Their First Look moved everyone to tears and Josh’s… moves on the gaudy yellow pole someone I am cross with installed in the past month made everyone fall about laughing (yep, you’re about to see that photo).   And finally we headed to Valley Lake Campground for photos under the willow trees that dot the shoreline and which were the inspiration for Chrystal’s entire dream wedding.  To me this is not at all by chance; the willow’s deep strength and stubbornness allow it to grow and thrive in the strange and challenging area where the land meets water and yet it remains so flexible,  sheltering and also beautiful.  To me this is just a natural reflection of both Chrystal and Josh.