Renata & Jacob – Paradise Lake Country Club Wedding – September 22, 2018

Renata & Jacob are my kind of geeky, goofy and not a darn bit ashamed to be so couple.  They combined traditional elegance with…well, Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots and pre-ceremony music from Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings.  So yeah, this was just a blast and beautiful as well.  There were as many touching moments as there were silly and it was a complete honor to have been able to step into Renata’s childhoom bedroom to watch her become a Bride, to meet their amazing cat, Porg, to watch the Groomsmen use more pins to get boutonnieres on than I ever thought was possible, to see them throw out their chests as they exposed their superhero t-shirts and to be true heroes (along with the bridesmaids)  in keeping the day full of laughter and crazy dance moves.   I had never been to Paradise Lake Country Club before, despite living only ten minutes away from it, but I cannot wait to go back and experience it’s unique beauty and quality banquet venue many more times!