Kaylee & Tyler – Gervasi Vineyard Wedding – August 26, 2018

It’s pretty rare that I don’t get to meet my couples in person until their wedding day.  Frankly it makes me a wee bit nervous.  Since Kaylee is a RN her schedule is always hectic and things just never aligned for us to set up an engagement session.  But it took a whopping two minutes for me to get to know both her and Tyler.  They are both no shenanigans and no fakery, just plain really lovely people.  And throughout the day both family and friends commented both in speeches and just in conversation how wonderful they are for each other and how much they adore their son, Benson, who is admittedly impossible to adore.  There was never a feeling of nervousness or fussing over details, just both of them initially looking forward to being able to see each other and then to just having a blast celebrating their union.  It was a beautiful day and a amazing party!

Their wedding  was my first opportunity to photograph the villas side of Gervasi Vineyard.  I didn’t think anything could be better than the Pavilion, but The Villa Grande more than lived up to its name.  The Tuscan feel of the villa where they glammed and dappered up was both inviting and lent itself to simply stunning opportunities for showing off the details of their day.  The ballroom was a less rustic taste of Italian decor and I will not say that the air conditioning was not appreciated at the end of August!  All in all it left me completely torn on which Gervasi venue is the more stunning, and once again confirmed that this is one of the most amazing locations in Northeast Ohio.