AnnMarie & Steve Wedding – November 18, 2017 – The Barn on Enchanted Acres

AnnMarie and Steve got married on the rainiest weekend I can recall.  The kind of rain that you cannot even see through because it appears to be a waterfall  dropping down from an unseen sky.  Except…for about 2-1/2 hours in Dennison, Ohio at a place aptly named The Barn on Enchanted Acres, the rain stopped.  I can clearly recall driving to the venue wondering if the rain would delay guests arriving, it was that awful.  But as I got within about 15 minutes the rain was no longer a downpour, then a few miles out it was a drizzle, then a mist.  And as I pulled up, already clad in my raincoat, I stepped outside and not a drop was falling.  I zipped around getting location photos and outdoor details assuming this was a brief respite.  But as AnnMarie donned her gown, it held off.  As Steve and the guys raised a glass of whiskey to the day, it held off.  As the staff dried off the chairs at the outdoor ceremony site, no new rain fell.  So AnnMarie and Steve, who had such hopes and dreams were married in front of family and friends on a mild November day under a gray but non-threatening sky.  And after they became Mr. & Mrs.  we wandered around the gorgeous grounds; they swung on the floral swing a bit, cuddled as the air grew cooler, laughed with joy at their luck as we fit in our last few photos before entering their reception.  And within moments of their grand entrance I once again heard the sound of rain falling.  They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  AnnMarie and Steve had that and more in finding each other and if volume of rain counts, even with the break in the weather they still earned enough for several lifetimes on their wedding day.

A special thanks from the Bride and Groom to David Stewart who was an amazing wedding planner and florist.

Venue: The Barn on Enchanted Acres – Dennison, OH

Cake: Litty’s Cakes & Cookies – New Philadelphia, OH

Caterer: Benson’s Market & Catering – Dover, OH


Fall Family Sessions – a new leaf

I do not often offer family photo sessions.  Not because I do not enjoy them, simply because with my own kiddos I preferred to concentrate my time on my main passion, weddings and engagement sessions.  But this Autumn I found myself inspired and with my young ones being firmly ensconced in elementary school and my eldest of an age to be a responsible babysitter I opened up some dates to past wedding clients who have expanded their families as well as some of my own siblings and close friends.  And it was AMAZING!! Scouting new locations, having fun cuddling families together in gorgeous ways and something I rarely get a chance to do – photograph other folks kiddos!  I was kinda afraid they would not follow direction well.  My kids are used to me bugging them to sit this way, look over that way, smile, laugh, hug or whatever.  And I am used to bribing them with ice cream and let’s be honest here, using Mom-tone here and there to eek a few more minutes of cooperation out of them.  But these kids were amazing!  Ranging in age from toddlers to high schoolers they all blew me away. Not a single meltdown or even any trickly tears!  We played in new locations I fell in love with and even in my own backyard which turns into a golden wonderland on late Autumn afternoons.  Take a look at some of the laughter, love and joy filled moments.