Claire – Class of 2016

Claire has her future mapped out, her finger on the pulse of adulthood and in the fall of 2016 will be heading into the world to join the Nursing Program at Kent State University.  I have always had a fascination with all things medical and a deep respect for those who can sacrifice untold hours on and off the clock as well as their raw nerves to all the ups and downs a medical professional has to handle.  And yeah, I know I only spent an hour with Claire, but this chick has the right stuff.  Her intelligence is obvious and her wit and warmth come through nearly as instantly.  She will have much to give and, much like me, will make everyone she meets see the world a little brighter for having spent some time with her.

Hannah – Class of 2016

Oh my gilly gosh did Hannah and I have fun at her Senior session!  Such a beautiful young woman in such a lovely location – I felt like a kid in a candy shop!  And her Mom, Lisa, definitely felt a bit of the giddy joy as well, special thanks to her for bringing an antique chair full of special memories.

Hannah is like a drop of sunshine, we had our laughs, especially when trying our hardest not to laugh.  She’s smart as can be, down to Earth and by golly does she have the reflexes of an angel!  My light stand went over and I will forever be able to replay in my head Hannah’s hand popping out of nowhere and catching it inches before it would’ve hit the concrete. And that was the feeling I got about Hannah, that she is someone you’d love to have by your side in the happy times and also in the trying ones.  Hannah is looking at many colleges, right now Ohio State looks to be at the top of her list while she decides just where to apply her many talents.  I know in my bones that whatever she does and wherever she goes, she will be a great asset to the program and the people who are lucky enough to meet her.

And Hunter, Hannah’s twin brother, even stopped by for a few photos of this dynamic duo!  Look out world, these two are getting ready to step out and add to your shine!

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Hunter – Class of 2016

Hunter is an amazing young man with big dreams, but with his feet on solid ground.  When we were planning his session I was told of his model airplane hobby, and warned that the plane he wanted to bring to the session was big, but nothing prepared me for the finely crafted airplane he brought with him.  Built by Hunter and already proven in flight it was just the beginning of his aeronautic Senior portrait session.  M.A.P.S. air museum was the perfect location for his session and had we not been scurrying around taking photos we could have spent hours speaking with their amazingly knowledgeable and gracious staff.  They gave us opportunities and access to so many types of aircraft that we normally would only be able to admire from a distance.

As wonderful as the location was, Hunter outshone it and I truly enjoyed getting to know this young man on the cusp of a grand adventure.  And I am excited that I will get to spend a little more time with him and his family, who made me immediately feel as if I were a part of them, when I photograph his twin sister in a few weeks.

Tone – Class of 2016

By trade I specialize in weddings, but when a friend from my own high school days asked me to take her son’s Senior portraits who am I to say no?  And y’know what, I loved it!  As in I fear I am going to carve out another niche for myself and do that dreaded move that makes it real…updating my website to add a Senior Portraits offering.

Now let’s talk a bit about Tone.  He is pretty much the polar opposite of what I remember myself being lo these 20 years gone when I was starting my Senior year.  He has plans, goals and already a full wardrobe of University of Kentucky t-shirts.   He is an amazing rugby player, reputed to have the largest quads on the squad and the college recruiters haven’t failed to notice him.  Beyond the athletic ability lies a mind and heart full of kindness, humor and wisdom beyond his years.  I always enjoy taking photos, but with Tone I truly enjoyed conversing with him while we wended our way around Brandywine Falls.

Wherever the future takes Tone, I am sure it will be a bright one.