Matt & Devon – Old River Road Engagement Session – Rocky River, OH

I simply love it when my couples choose a location for their session that holds meaning to them and since Matt & Devon’s first date was at StinoDa Napoli on Old River Rd I knew that going there for their engagement photos would be magical.  And it was!  We also snuck down to Rocky River Park for some sunset photos on the beach since that is where they will be seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day in a little less than a month!


Brooke & Ryan – September 3, 2016 Wedding – Springlake Party Center, Lakemore OH

Some weddings I get to spend all day and most of the night with the Bride & Groom, others I am only there for the main events and really, it makes you realize how it only takes a few moments to change lives.  A couple goes from engaged to married, people who love each other become a family.  It doesn’t take much time to open the way to a lifetime of new possibilities.  So even though I was only with Brooke & Ryan for a few hours, that time really is the kind of magical that makes it feel like the laughter and the joy will hang in the air forever.

The style of Brooke & Ryan’s wedding was rustic, with gorgeous sunflowers blooming all over; in the centerpieces and in the bouquets, and little nods to Ryan’s passion for hunting as well.  However, the underlying feeling of the wedding was family – ones put together like puzzle pieces.   It was most reflected in the ceremony, where the officiant was the same man who performed the wedding ceremony of Ryan’s Father and Step-Mother over 20 years previously.  During that ceremony the young Ryan was given a memento by his new Step-Mother to signify their bond as a family and during Brooke & Ryan’s ceremony that was echoed by Ryan giving Brooke’s daughter, Layne, a special necklace.  (Edit: I have since learned from Ryan that the necklace given to Layne was the very same necklace he was given at his Dad & Step-Mom’s wedding.  So yeah, just wow with the sweetness) Once more you saw it in the tender attention showered on Brooke by her mother all day long; her Mother was the first to greet me and every time I turned around she was greeting guests, keeping the kids entertained and somehow neat and tidy or making sure all of the decorations and details were in order.  But when the moment came for a photo of just the two of them she showed the duality of the best kinds of Moms, that moving from organization machine to one with eyes glistening with tears of joy and pride.  And again the depth of this newly expanded families care for each other was clear during a very moving speech made by Ryan’s father where he spoke of family and his recognizing very early on that Brooke was “the one” for Ryan, that he saw how they fitted together to create a better whole that was reflected by the growth in both of them.  And that he treasured them each not just for what they were to each other, but for who they were to him as individuals.   And that is really what we’re all looking for, the one who not only completes us, but who enhances, encourages and always, always makes us laugh.  And Brooke and Ryan are that one for each other too.

**Want all the venue and vendor details?  Check them out below the gallery**


The Details!

Ceremony & Reception Venue/Catering: Springlake Party Center, Lakemore, OH 

Bridal Gown: Doreen Leaf Designs from Allure Bridals

Bridesmaids Gowns: Doreen Leaf Designs or Target

Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Dietz Falls Florist, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

DJ: HaleStorm DJ Services – Akron, OH