Roy & Linda – Wedding at Agostino’s – Cleveland

Ahhh, my first wedding of 2016!  The first of the year is always memorable and even were it not the first I would always remember Roy & Linda’s wedding celebration fondly.  Every wedding teaches me something new; whether it be integrating a new technique (boring for everyone but giddy me) or seeing new traditions, or meeting someone who teaches me an invaluable life lesson. Each one is truly unique.  And there were several lessons (of the non-boring technique type) at their celebration.  Deeply touching moments with family members, seeing a couple who truly are two parts of the same soul, watching a Bride who was feeling less than her best supported and surrounded with caring friends and then channeling all her hopes and joy of her special day to keep her smile, laughter and personality all shining through.  And yeah, one of the most interesting dynamics was that 95% of the time this was all happening in a language that I can read with decent accuracy, but can understand when spoken or speak myself only muy poco.  But…it didn’t matter.  The words were over my head, but the language of love was being spoken loud and clear. Body language is what comes across in photos, what makes a picture worth a thousand words so I am no stranger to reading it and timing and framing my shots to best tell a story in images, but to have it be the visual dance that cued me into relationships, what was being said during the very emotional toasts from the Bridal Party and to translate the words of the song Linda sang to Roy during their marriage ceremony was both a thrill and an inspiration.  And these two said it all; the frequent embraces and kisses are neon signs of their passion for each other, but the smaller, more subtle reaching for a hand, a glance between them that instantly caused mutual grins or laughter, the way they subtly lean towards each other whenever they are near one another or just the glow of love when their eyes meet were a language unto itself. One that I am lucky enough to speak fluently with my own husband and that my heart thrills to see in another of love’s luckiest initiates. And it was clear everyone celebrating with them could see it too.


Venue/Catering: Agostino’s Catering and Event Center

Make-up: Bonnie Thomas of Cleveland Bridal Makeup Co.

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal