Katie & Luke – Canton Public Garden Engagement Session

What can I say about these two?  I don’t think I have any words that can fully capture how warm, kind, loving and also just absolutely witty they are.  There is a reason I  mainly”speak” through photographs and I hope that I captured their spirit well enough that you can bask in their glow and enjoy their amazing presence as I did.  Katie and I clicked from the first time we talked (and talked and talked!) on the phone and watching the weather and forecast be nothing but icky leading up to their brief visit to Ohio was quite nearly unbearable because we were all so looking forward to finally meeting and making some photographic magic.  So we put our heads together and had several possible locations and times depending on what weather ended up coming our way and while it was still literally freezing during their session they never let that show and seeing Luke take Katie’s hand in between shots to warm them up was one of those sweet gestures that lets you know these two have the love, friendship and soulmate package all wrapped up.