April & Amy – Valentine’s Day Wedding

I had been waiting for this day for the whole 3 years I’ve been proud to call April a friend.  When a person is so lovely and full of light and love you want them to find that great and perfect partner to share all the love they have to give.  And when April and Amy started dating I had that feeling, that Amy was The One.  Yeah, I’d never met her and knew nothing of her beyond the kind, supportive and joyful comments she made on April’s Facebook statuses.  But even I could see into those comments that there was a deep admiration and love pouring through the simple letters on my screen.

So I was not at all surprised when April contacted me inquiring about a wedding date in October 2017.  And we texted back and forth and giggled and she let me share my words of experience and in that way share in her joy.    And it was to be a grand celebration.   And then on Thursday, February 12th I got a text.  My phone has since kicked it and been re-set so I haven’t the exact words that at the same time floored me and lifted my soul through the rooftop in excitement.  April and Amy wanted to move their wedding to Valentine’s Day weekend.  Y’know, in 2-3 days and did I know of any officiants who would come to their home on short notice and perform the ceremony.  And I did, and it is Pastor Michael Mangus that has been my go to guy lo these past 5 years or so.   And so it was decided that on 2-14-16 (or 2+14+16 as appeals to April and my geeky detail-y selves) these two would marry and forever join their lives as each other’s wife.  As for the rest…I believe the photos say it better than ever I could.  Which is good because that’s my job!