Thomas & Barbie – The Lakehouse Inn & Winery Wedding – Geneva, OH

Thomas & Barbie had a wedding day as memorable as they are.  A whole lot of wind, nearly equal to the whirlwind personality and laughter of Barbie and lots of warm sunshine reminiscent of Thomas’ ever-present calm and caring personality.  And that’s a beautiful mixture to have.  Their intimate wedding including their families and closest friends was full of joy and lots of stories of their past exploits as well as their dreams for the days to come.  All of Barbie and her various assistants hard work on the rustic details for the reception showed off the reception venue to perfection. And I had never seen bouquets made of reclaimed wood, but I have to say I am completely in love with both the concept and execution of the bouquets and boutonnieres.   Everything came together to make one wonderful celebration of a couple whose warmth and love reverberated through every moment.  061216-9061216-28061216-13061216-3061216-24061216-14061216-27061216-17061216-42061216-51061216-56061216-57061216-60061216-64061216-67061216-37061216-78061216-85061216-87061216-95061216-110061216-131061216-134061216-139061216-153061216-159061216-161061216-166061216-2061216-197061216-199061216-200061216-205061216-210061216-214061216-216061216-186061216-220061216-223061216-224061216-227061216-236061216-243061216-244061216-248061216-266061216-273061216-281061216-276

Ceremony & Reception Venue/Caterer: Lakehouse Inn & Winery – Geneva, OH

Bridal Gown: ModCloth

Bridesmaid’s Gown:

Men’s Suits: American Commodore Tuxedo

Wedding Jewelry: Blue Nile