Katie & Lukas – Bluebird Farm Park Wedding – Carrollton, OH

People tell me I am fairly well spoken and “have a knack for words” which honestly maybe makes me a little more anxious to tell you about Katie & Lukas.  Because…pressure to get it right.  And maybe those very words are how I tell you about them; they got it right.  As in the way that that photo of the sailor kissing the nurse on V-J Day in Times Square makes you feel like love…real love and the exuberance and passion  it brings is within reach.*  For you, for me, for everyone.  Day to day life and sometimes knowing way too much about everyone’s business – be it someone who is famous or that girl from high school who you’ve not actually seen or spoken to in over a decade, but you get to hear all about the downward spiral of what was once “true love”.  It’s rough seeing that again and again and again.  And I get it that relationships are hard, they take work and sacrifice and compromise.  But there is a way to do so that strengthens your relationships instead of crumbling it.  And it’s simply in making clear that you do it because you are each worth it, that together you are worth sometimes being the priority and sometimes having to prioritize your partner.  That sometimes you’ve got to be ready to jump off your path in life because your path as a couple requires it.  That you don’t look for what will be your breaking point and instead look for the way to apply your shoulder, their shoulder or both of your shoulders to the lever and move the world.  And not even just on the big things, the life impacting things.  There are a million little things for every big thing and seeing a couple who doesn’t miss any small moment to celebrate or to lay a comforting hand  or cry as the mood takes them is the real key.  And if you can find a way to laugh either at the fun, the absurdity or the simple awfulness you’re going to be just fine.

I am not just speaking of Katie and Lukas and the truth of their love for each other through some crazy ups and downs that most would have just walked away from.   I too have been blessed with a partner in life that not only still gives me daily butterflies even after more than a decade together, but also is my support or inspiration or critic or jester, whichever is needed at any given time.   Like on Saturday when I tossed him a camera without telling him I completely changed the way it focuses, instead of breaking into my work flow for an explanation or giving up on taking any photos for me he messed up a few, fiddled with buttons for a minute and then somehow reckoned up what I’d told him at least 6 months ago when last I tossed him my camera and figured it out.  And he got some amazing photos (like that one with them under umbrellas, yup, that is his) and for a man who only photographs cars 364 days a year he stepped in and stepped up not because he loves weddings, or people in general (he doesn’t – he’s an 80 year old hermit at heart) but because he loves me.  Enough to enjoy it because I do.  Enough to go to work at a job that isn’t his during his only vacation in more than a year.  So yeah, real true love like in fairy tales (but without all the stranger danger) does exist.  I am glad it found me, ecstatic to see firsthand that it found Katie and Lukas and I hope it finds every person who reads this.  And bottom line, what they say is true; to find such love as a couple you must first love yourself.  Truth.

So….this got so very off of my usual wedding summary.  I blame Mr. & Mrs. Frey for inspiring me.   I don’t feel like I so much need to run through the usual information this time.  Bluebird Farm Park was the venue, the weather was lovely if hot and well, of course the only torrential rain shower came while we were taking photos of the Bride and Groom. Unsurprisingly they took it in stride and rocked it out anyway. You can read the vendor info below the photo gallery and let the pictures tell that story in depth this time.  Keep an eye on Katie & Lukas’ expression, they’re your official storytellers and they’re pros at it.

*Google that photo’s story, it is truly a “looks are deceiving” moment, but who really cares because oh what a feeling it still gives to see that image.


The Details:

Photography: Kelly & Chad Pifer – Kelly Pifer Photography – Tallmadge, OH

Venue: Bluebird Farm Park – Carrollton, OH

Caterer: JB Chops at Bluebird Farm Park – Carrollton, OH

Cake/Dessert: The Bakery at Hartville Kitchen – Hartville, OH 

Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal 

Men’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Richardson Flowers – Upper Sandusky, OH 

Wedding Jewelry – Helzberg Diamonds 

Hair: Salon Revive – Minerva, OH