Birthdays & Baby Showers – An Event-full March!

This may come as a shock, but I don’t just do weddings!  I am an event loving lady and while I may usually be found at weddings from April through October, I do also offer my services for any type of celebration in the off months or on any given Sunday.  This month I had the honor of attending two birthday celebrations as well as a lovely baby shower.

My month began with the lovely Kimberly bringing me in on her husband, Joseph’s surprise 75th birthday celebration.   The event was hosted by the Glenwillow Grille , a location close to my heart since my own baby shower was held there.  It continues to provide a classic atmosphere and food that smells so delicious you want to sniff your way back to the serving table over and over again.  It was heartwarming to hear so many stories from memories of youthful fun to the speeches of thanks and honor of several local Mayors for Joseph’s years of service in business and on the Bedford School Board.  Friends and families shared memories from many decades and made new magical memories as well.



The next event I had the honor of capturing was another surprise birthday party, this time helmed by Paula’s niece, Renee, and hosted by the Redhawke Grille in Concord.  Renee wanted me to capture the celebration as well as providing group photos for the attendees.  What we did not know was that one of Paula’s nephews was planning a surprise of his own.  A marriage proposal! I was brought into the loop early in the party and devised a devious way to bring them to center stage. At the appointed time I invited him and his lovely lady and their children up for a family photo  and he followed that moment  with bended knee and a vow to continue to love and honor her, as his wife.  She said yes!  Definitely a party for the books!



And to wrap up my event-full March, I was delighted to attend Christine’s baby shower at the always stunning Portage Country Club .  This location gives just as much special attention to an intimate gathering as it does to the grand weddings I have photographed there.  And the shower, planned and hosted by Christine’s wonderful mother, Kathy, was a visual masterpiece!  The requested theme of trains, planes and automobiles was carried out to perfection! From the delightfully whimsical cake to all of the signs and note cards that were simply perfection (credit to Liz Scott of Lovely Somethings for those) and the pops of spring tulips sweetly scenting the air. Baby Jack will be making his appearance in late June and is so very blessed to join this wonderful group of family and friends.