Stefanie & Kip – Squire’s Castle Engagement

These two, what can I say?  They’re equal parts hilarious and tender.  Flip from giggles to cuddles in the space a moment.  They booked me about 8 months ago, never having met me, and we hit it off immediately.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I spend my life vacillating between wacky and sappy.  Nah, couldn’t be.

Brandi & Walt – Canton Engagement

We speak often of how small increments of time can see amazing changes.  For example, as 2015 passed into 2016 Brandi & Walt went from simply dating to being engaged, and on a less personal, but still breathtaking level the week between when their engagement session was originally to take place (April 9th) and when it did (April 16th) saw our outside world transition from the snow, damp and chill of Winter to the miraculous warmth and blossoming of Spring.  As the seasons spin on to their wedding this Summer, many changes will continue to come and there will be days of sunshine and joy and days of chill and stress and well…less fun.  But that too is symbolic of the days of a marriage and while I met these two on a sunshine day it is clear to see that their love, respect and friendship for each other will carry them through all days.  Likely with laughter and the knowledge that if Walt ever gets himself in a tangle all he need do is whisper sweet words in Brandi’s ear.