Renata & Jacob – Paradise Lake Country Club Wedding – September 22, 2018

Renata & Jacob are my kind of geeky, goofy and not a darn bit ashamed to be so couple.  They combined traditional elegance with…well, Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots and pre-ceremony music from Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings.  So yeah, this was just a blast and beautiful as well.  There were as many touching moments as there were silly and it was a complete honor to have been able to step into Renata’s childhoom bedroom to watch her become a Bride, to meet their amazing cat, Porg, to watch the Groomsmen use more pins to get boutonnieres on than I ever thought was possible, to see them throw out their chests as they exposed their superhero t-shirts and to be true heroes (along with the bridesmaids)  in keeping the day full of laughter and crazy dance moves.   I had never been to Paradise Lake Country Club before, despite living only ten minutes away from it, but I cannot wait to go back and experience it’s unique beauty and quality banquet venue many more times!



Nicole & Bobby – May 12, 2018 Wedding – Fowler’s Mill Golf Course

Boom!  Wedding season 2018 has officially begun!  And like most weddings many things were perfect, a few were not as planned (curse you, Ohio weather!), but in the end there new Mr. & Mrs. Slapnicker are soaking up the fun on their honeymoon and the celebration of their nuptials was one heck of a bash!

We decided to take advantage of the timelessly gorgeous Punderson Manor Lodge, where the bridal party had booked lodgings, for both getting ready and formal photos and while the weather decided to go all thunderstorm on us we found some simply stunning spots inside.  So, the Bride donned her gown in the Library in the softly filtered light from the stained glass windows and the Groom and his fellows had some fun getting geared up in the custom Cavs jerseys which were gifts from the Bride and Groom. And from the moment that Nicole descended the grand staircase to join Bobby,  who had simply the largest grin ever as he soaked in her glowing beauty, there was only the sound of laughter and maybe a few sniffles as tears of joy sparkled in several eyes.

The events team at Fowler’s Mill Golf Course did a wonderful job accommodating an impromptu indoor ceremony and we even snuck outside as the skies finally cleared shortly before the ceremony was scheduled to begin and took advantage of all the clean green that is so welcome after our extended winter.  Personally I could not have stayed inside with the smell of the huge array of donuts permeating every inch of the venue! Fear not, I scored one or two and they were as delicious as they looked!  I love me a couple who doesn’t stop at cake, but goes full baked good insanity!

Once the vows were said, the party kicked off and let me tell you that even though the Slapnickers were touted as the biggest partiers of them all, every one of the guests were over the moon to celebrate this couple.  James, of Vybe Entertainment, was masterful at getting everyone up and shaking their groove thing.  Folks did the Stroll and the Cha-cha-slide and no group has ever gone lower during Shout!  And all throughout the evening our Newlyweds grabbed little moments alone, laughing and dancing and just giving off the “Just Married” glow that lets me and everyone else know just what true love looks like.


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Lauren & Nate – August 27, 2016 – The Quarry Golf Club Wedding – Canton, OH

Lauren and Nate have many things, friendship, love, laughter and dagnabbit they have serious style as well.  Their wedding was gorgeous in every detail and so many little details that had personal meaning as well; from Lauren’s Grandmother’s ring that she wore on her right hand, to the handkerchief she carried at her First Communion being carried again on her wedding day to a display of wedding photos from her parents and Grandparents there where little touches of them everywhere you turned.  So yes, a photographers paradise!

Having my trusty second photographer, Heather, with me meant we could begin our day simultaneously spending time with the Bride and the Groom as they finished getting ready and prepared for the ceremony.  I arrived just as Lauren was opening her gift from Nate, a beautiful gold necklace with a pendant that spelled out “Mrs.”.  So yeah, there were tears from the very first moment.  One of my favorite moments is always watching the Bride as she transforms from a woman on the verge of marriage into a Bride.  That first time they see their self in a mirror always produces a big smile and that glow that comes with the day settles over them as gently as their veil.

Nate and Lauren’s ceremony overlooking the beautiful pond and greens of the golf course was simple, but with reading by family members, a unity candle and a special prayer before their first kiss for which the gathered guests were invited to stand and pledge to support the couple and their marriage was truly moving.  Once the vows were said and a quick refreshing drink was grabbed (yeah, Lauren totally snagged Nate’s beer which was the REAL sign they were married)  we gathered the family and bridal party for photos and then spent some time with the newlyweds capturing their sweet and silly sides before cooling off indoors as the reception was kicked off with toasts by the Best Man/Groom’s brother and Maid of Honor/Bride’s sister and a speech of thanks and prayer by the Father of the Bride.  The dinner was sublime, from presentation to meltingly deliciousness the catering staff at The Quarry are simply amazing.   From dinner to cake to opening the dance floor to celebrating the day under cooling breezes and the flickering flashes of a passing thunderstorm the gathered family and friends truly came together to honor the culmination of a love over a decade in building.

**Want all the venue and vendor details?  Check them out below the gallery**

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Ceremony/Reception Venue/Catering: The Quarry Golf Club – Canton, OH

DJ: Tony of Sound Waves Entertainment – Summit/Akron/Canton/Surrounding Areas

Cake/Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Anna – New Philadelphia, OH

Florist: Katrina Scherer Flowers

Make-up Artist: Erin Maroon, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Hair: Bella Sorella Hair & Nail Studio

Bridal Gown: Designed by Stella York from Lavender Bridal – Dover, OH

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Men’s Suits: Adam’s Men’s Clothier – Belden Village- Canton, OH

Wedding Jewelry: Bride’s Grandmother and Groom’s Mother


Brian & Megan – August 29, 2015 – Quail Hollow Resort Wedding

Okay, so there’s one thing you need to know about Brian and Megan.  They’re weird.  Odd as codfish and sometimes a bit off their respective rockers.  And you know that within….hmmm, about 30 seconds of meeting them.  But what you also need to know is something they don’t wear quite so obviously as their silliness.  They are two of the kindest, most caring and deeply devoted to making everyone they care for and everyone who is simply lucky enough to be in their presence feel good kinda people as well.  That may take as long as a couple of minutes for you to pick up on.

These two are a perfect balance for each other.  Megan is the planner, Brian is the wrench that loves to throw himself in the works. Megan is the whoopser, the klutz and reputedly the destroyer of motor vehicles and Brian is the guru of putting it all back to rights.  Together they are an amazing team, whether racing their Mazda, Zoomy, at the track by Nelson’s Ledges (where they met lo these many years ago) or just chilling out cooking up delicious soups at Lobster Taco Racing Headquarters (that’s home to you regular folk) with their furry four legged canine kiddo.

I know I am supposed to get all bloggy about the details of their wedding day, but I prefer the photos to tell that tale.  Suffice to say it was a whirlwind of fun and love and all the things a perfectly planned wedding can be.  And somewhere in the myriad moments of silliness I made a request I’d never made before; I asked if I could be part of their day in the immortalized in a photo with them kinda way.  So there’s your Where’s Waldo challenge; while you peruse with pleasure all the magical moments see if you can spot yours truly.  Bon voyage!

Mark & Callie – Louisville/Hartville Summer Wedding

I had been counting down the days to Mark and Callie’s wedding ever since we started talking about booking me to take their photos.  From talking to them I knew it was going to be an amazing day planned around not only their love for each other but all of their family and friends gathering to celebrate.   They had such a clear vision of what they wanted for their day and were so flexible in inviting me to help them decide where to take their formal photos and to help plan the flow of the day that I knew it would be a show stopper wedding.  And it was!
They held their ceremony at St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville, OH, a truly majestic older cathedral style church and it was a simply breathtaking background to say their vows to each other.  Callie’s mermaid style gown and classic updo hairstyle were perfect to highlight her timeless beauty and both the Bride and Groom’s smiles lit up the entire church the moment they saw each other as she proceeded down the aisle.  And then it happened, two became one; a new family was created!

From there we had decided to re-visit the location they had had some engagement photos taken, Quail Hollow State Park and what was a lovely location in the Autumn was blooming with flowers for their wedding day.  A little snafu with their limo bus having mechanical problems was not allowed to cloud their day as we packed most of the Bridal Party into my most recent investment, a conversion van that I was inspired to purchase in part because of an earlier wedding where the party bus no-showed and the Bridal Party was left scrambling for transportation to the reception.  Phew, so glad we were able to all jump in and head off to Quail Hollow without losing too much time!

The Bridal Party was made up of family and friends and they were such a blast.  We laughed and played and had a grand time together all day long.  Callie & Mark held their reception at Sable Creek Golf Course in Hartville and their outdoor tent reception area afforded us cool breezes and a fantastic backdrop of the golf course.  Callie and Mark’s monogram adorned everything from the cake table, can cover favors and they even had a monogrammed set of cornhole boards and a giant Jenga game set up for guests to enjoy as they partied the night away.

One of the most heart stopping moments of the night was when Callie got together with the very talented Rio Girls to see if she had what it took to do some cheerleading lifts in her wedding gown.  Oh yeah, they all nailed it, lifting Callie high in the air over and over to the cheers of a crowd of guests.  The party continued with sunset photos of the Bride and Groom and partying on the dance floor.   It was an overall amazing day and the hardest part of my job has been trying not to choose every image for their gallery!   I hope you enjoy this further look into their Wedding Celebration!


Ceremony: St. Louis Catholic Church | Louisville, OH

Formals: Quail Hollow State Park |  Hartville, OH

Reception: Sable Creek Golf Course | Hartville, OH

Flowers: Forever Flowers | N. Canton, OH

Catering: Mr. Mike’s Catering | Canton, OH 330.452.6825

Cake: Checkerboard Cheesecake | Alliance, OH

DJ: DC Sound Productions | Canton, OH