Rob & Nicole -Rainy May Wedding – Cleveland

We knew it was going to be chilly and rainy on Rob & Nicole’s Wedding Day, the forecast hadn’t wavered in 14 days (never look that early!), but we were totally cool with that.  Yet when I woke up on Saturday I knew it was after sunrise, but you’d never have known it looking out the window and my heart kinda sank.  We had a rain back-up plan, but I so very wanted to stick to our original itinerary. As I drove out of Akron in a downpour and towards Cleveland I saw an odd band of light on the horizon, growing steadily larger as I got closer and closer to Lakewood.  And lo and behold when I pulled up to St. Luke’s  there were actual patches of blue sky.  And that was just Nature being a reflection of Rob & Nicole as a couple.  Wherever they are bright smiles and laughter abound.  They make you feel like a good friend from the moment you first meet.  That their Bridal Party was made up of their siblings and cousins is another reflection of what they hold dearest to them.

Once they were officially Mr. & Mrs. we all hopped on the party bus and set out into the wilds of downtown Cleveland.  Okay, not really the wilds (except that one spot that was all kinds of shady McGrady) but we had a blast wandering all over and while not planned this way the theme of the locations we chose slowly revealed itself to be “bridges”.  Which was also kinda beautiful and symbolic, because we often refer to marriage as the beginning of a new life, but really it isn’t.  It is a continuation of a life of love, honor, respect and trust that have been built by Rob & Nicole over time.  The day you wed is the day that links where you began with where you will continue together.  And the foundation of the bridge that you built together from the first time you looked into each other’s eyes, to those first coversations, dates, meeting the fam, spending holidays and vacations with each other, the first times you disagreed or hurt one another and had to determine just how to navigate those minefields, they all lay underneath the road you laid across the top when you said your marriage vows.  And while I certainly don’t know you as well as the family and friends who surrounded you on Saturday, even I can tell that your foundation is better than wood, stone or steel; it is a foundation of faith, love and a willingness to hold each other in good times and bad, to laugh together and cry together.  To appreciate a chuckle at each other little foibles, but to also respect each other’s insecurities and to show the world just how amazing you know each other to be.

So yes, the gowns were beautiful, the lace bodices of the Bridesmaids dresses so perfectly complimented Nicole’s crystal-waisted gown.   And the tuxes looked superb, right down to the magnificently folded pocket squares compliments of Uncle Bruce.  The flowers breathtaking, just as the complete look of the reception were reflective of the couples amazing style and attention to detail.  It all came together to reflect the care and hopes the new Mr. & Mrs. Brant have for their future.  I saw that Nicole commented that Saturday was “the best day of my life” and while I hope it will always been a golden edged dream of a day, I somehow think there will be plenty of rainbow days and even greater days ahead of them.  I know it sounds maybe like a backwards compliment, but as each day grows your marriage and the anniversaries pass I think you’ll see what I mean. Your wedding day was the seed of a great blossoming of love and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.



Wedding Gown: Catan’s Fashions

Bridesmaids Dresses: The Perfect Bride

Tuxedos: American Commodore

Hair/Makeup – Lisa Agresta of Color Nation Salon

Ceremony: St. Luke the Evangelist, Lakewood

Reception/Catering: Springvale Ballroom, North Olmsted

DJ: Freddie James DJs

Cake: Fragapane Bakeries, North Olmsted

Florist: Brennan’s Floral Gift Shop


Bethany & Brett -Norton, OH Wedding

I could not have hoped for a better wedding to kick off my Spring 2016 Wedding Season than Bethany & Brett’s!  Bethany and I had met a few times and spent hours talking not just wedding, but life and hope’s and stepping into new roles as Wife and Step-mother of Brett’s two children and well…ships and sails and sealing wax and cabbages and kings.  I was not able to meet Brett until the wedding day, but I knew anyone who Bethany loved would be a kind and wonderful soul with a great sense of humor and Brett was absolutely that and more.  If I had to choose one word that their entire celebration reverberated with it would be “family”.  From the excitement of a new family being formed, to the very clear love and support of both the Bride and Groom’s families there was just such a clear coming together and sensing the magical alchemy that the vows of marriage stir up that allow two people to come together as separate entities at the beginning of a ceremony and by the passing of less than an hour those two are such a clear single unit as they clasp hands and walk back down the aisle.  It is magical every single time I witness it.

Spring was having one of its tantrum-y days of  warm sunshine and chill breezes, but I enticed the Newlyweds outside with promises of speed and pictures with The Camaro (yes, it clearly is capitalized when Brett speaks of it)  and the blossoming trees were the perfect echo of new life bursting forth all around the new Mr. & Mrs. (who, btw could NOT stop smooching!).   Their reception will live forever in my memory, not just for the dancing and fellowship but also because…TACO BAR!  Seriously, there is no quicker way to this photogs heart than tacos (and nachos!) with all the fixin’s.   So I will always raise my corn shelled creations to Bethany & Brett from this day forth and remember with fondness all the big and little special moments.