Neha & Troy – May 26, 2018 Wedding at Gervasi Vineyard

Neha and Troy are so similar yet different; each with a different cultural background and traditions.  And yet, as love always does, the differences become new experiences and the similarities of being raised in a close, loving family and faith make them a perfect fit.  And their wedding day celebrated all of the facets of their faith, family, heritage and traditions into a brilliant gem of beauty, emotion and fun!

With both a Hindu and a Christian wedding ceremony their day was packed with special moments and quick clothing changes.  A little rain (and sometimes a lot) tried to slow us down, but that was a non-option and we simply tossed up our umbrellas and kept on keeping on.  These doubly united newlyweds are a true force of nature and I wish them all the best as they move to a new state together and begin their lives as husband and wife!

Venue & American cocktail hour & dinner catering: Gervasi Vineyard, Canton OH

Indian Cocktail Hour catering: Kebab & Curry, Canton OH

Cake & Cupcakes: Bill Parker & Renee Whittenberger (family of Groom)

Florist: Cindi Carter, Mother of the Groom

DJ & Videography: The DJ Crew, Akron OH

Henna Artist : Sneha of Gorgeous Henna, Strongsville OH

Hair & Makeup: Carol Martin Salon & Spa, Tallmadge OH


Nicole & Bobby – May 12, 2018 Wedding – Fowler’s Mill Golf Course

Boom!  Wedding season 2018 has officially begun!  And like most weddings many things were perfect, a few were not as planned (curse you, Ohio weather!), but in the end there new Mr. & Mrs. Slapnicker are soaking up the fun on their honeymoon and the celebration of their nuptials was one heck of a bash!

We decided to take advantage of the timelessly gorgeous Punderson Manor Lodge, where the bridal party had booked lodgings, for both getting ready and formal photos and while the weather decided to go all thunderstorm on us we found some simply stunning spots inside.  So, the Bride donned her gown in the Library in the softly filtered light from the stained glass windows and the Groom and his fellows had some fun getting geared up in the custom Cavs jerseys which were gifts from the Bride and Groom. And from the moment that Nicole descended the grand staircase to join Bobby,  who had simply the largest grin ever as he soaked in her glowing beauty, there was only the sound of laughter and maybe a few sniffles as tears of joy sparkled in several eyes.

The events team at Fowler’s Mill Golf Course did a wonderful job accommodating an impromptu indoor ceremony and we even snuck outside as the skies finally cleared shortly before the ceremony was scheduled to begin and took advantage of all the clean green that is so welcome after our extended winter.  Personally I could not have stayed inside with the smell of the huge array of donuts permeating every inch of the venue! Fear not, I scored one or two and they were as delicious as they looked!  I love me a couple who doesn’t stop at cake, but goes full baked good insanity!

Once the vows were said, the party kicked off and let me tell you that even though the Slapnickers were touted as the biggest partiers of them all, every one of the guests were over the moon to celebrate this couple.  James, of Vybe Entertainment, was masterful at getting everyone up and shaking their groove thing.  Folks did the Stroll and the Cha-cha-slide and no group has ever gone lower during Shout!  And all throughout the evening our Newlyweds grabbed little moments alone, laughing and dancing and just giving off the “Just Married” glow that lets me and everyone else know just what true love looks like.


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Birthdays & Baby Showers – An Event-full March!

This may come as a shock, but I don’t just do weddings!  I am an event loving lady and while I may usually be found at weddings from April through October, I do also offer my services for any type of celebration in the off months or on any given Sunday.  This month I had the honor of attending two birthday celebrations as well as a lovely baby shower.

My month began with the lovely Kimberly bringing me in on her husband, Joseph’s surprise 75th birthday celebration.   The event was hosted by the Glenwillow Grille , a location close to my heart since my own baby shower was held there.  It continues to provide a classic atmosphere and food that smells so delicious you want to sniff your way back to the serving table over and over again.  It was heartwarming to hear so many stories from memories of youthful fun to the speeches of thanks and honor of several local Mayors for Joseph’s years of service in business and on the Bedford School Board.  Friends and families shared memories from many decades and made new magical memories as well.



The next event I had the honor of capturing was another surprise birthday party, this time helmed by Paula’s niece, Renee, and hosted by the Redhawke Grille in Concord.  Renee wanted me to capture the celebration as well as providing group photos for the attendees.  What we did not know was that one of Paula’s nephews was planning a surprise of his own.  A marriage proposal! I was brought into the loop early in the party and devised a devious way to bring them to center stage. At the appointed time I invited him and his lovely lady and their children up for a family photo  and he followed that moment  with bended knee and a vow to continue to love and honor her, as his wife.  She said yes!  Definitely a party for the books!



And to wrap up my event-full March, I was delighted to attend Christine’s baby shower at the always stunning Portage Country Club .  This location gives just as much special attention to an intimate gathering as it does to the grand weddings I have photographed there.  And the shower, planned and hosted by Christine’s wonderful mother, Kathy, was a visual masterpiece!  The requested theme of trains, planes and automobiles was carried out to perfection! From the delightfully whimsical cake to all of the signs and note cards that were simply perfection (credit to Liz Scott of Lovely Somethings for those) and the pops of spring tulips sweetly scenting the air. Baby Jack will be making his appearance in late June and is so very blessed to join this wonderful group of family and friends.



Missy & Corey – Lock 29 Engagement Session

I had been looking forward to this engagement session for quite a while.  I had the pleasure of accompanying Missy when she visited her ceremony venue, the Tallmadge Historic Church, back in September and we had that instant click that lets me know the fates have once more found a perfect match of photog and couple.  Since Corey had been out of town for work for quite a while we had to wait until just after Valentine’s Day for their engagement session.  We hoped for snow…because it can be so pretty, but we were instead given an even greater gift, a winter’s day that’s warmth speaks of the promise of Spring and the renewal of life it brings.  Which, since these two had recently been reunited, was rather perfect.  And Corey was just as wonderful as Missy which just means I am twice as excited to spend a summer’s day celebrating their marriage vows to each other.  C’mon, August!


Lauren & John – Glamorgan Castle Engagement Session

Lauren and John chose one of my favorite spots for their wintry engagement session.  Glamorgan Castle is a gorgeous and romantic backdrop, though it doesn’t do much to break winter’s icy winds.  In order to keep Lauren from going full Popsicle we put the gas to the mat and fit an hour’s worth of love and laughter into about half that time.  It is a special couple that can so quickly be comfortable in front of a camera; but I rather felt like any time Lauren and John were locking eyes, arms or lips I may as well have been on the Moon for all they noticed me.


Kelsey & Nick’s Wedding – The Historic Onesto – Canton, OH

Kelsey is a planner. And Nick is the man who keeps her laughing instead of losing her mind to the details.  They had a vision and with the help of an amazing crew of family and friends every detail was perfection.

Their wedding was simply breathtaking from start to finish visually and emotionally.  I had The Onesto on my bucket list for a while, the gorgeous interior was a spot I found myself daydreaming about.  It did not let me down!  But, the most beautiful locations are worthless without an amazing couple to show them off, and it only took talking with Kelsey once to know that this couple was extra special.

I had photographed Nick’s older brother, Nate and his lovely Bride, Lauren in the summer of 2016, and Nate was in the wedding party so I knew what a fun guy he was but I hadn’t gotten to know Kelsey.  Much like the 2016 Fockler newlyweds, Nick and Kelsey were high school sweethearts whose love matured as they moved through college and they continued to be best friends and each other’s balance in life.  So it felt like a family reunion to me as I spent more time with the Focklers and also got to know the equally amazing Soehnlens as well as the amazing group of friends that gathered to celebrate Kelsey and Nick’s newest chapter together.



Ceremony: St. Paul’s Catholic Church – North Canton, OH

Reception: The Historic Onesto – Canton, OH

Caterer: Robert J. Events & Catering 

Florist: Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs – Akron, OH

Hair Salon: Jennifer Franta Hair  – Canton, OH

Make-up Artist: Andi Wheatley Makeup Artistry – Canton, OH