Chrystal & Josh – Eagle Creek Engagement Session

I’ve been pondering all day about what to say here.  How do I put into words how this couple has touched my heart and tickled my funny bone?  They came to me via a wonderful woman who has become like family to me and in a very real way they too feel like they fit my family.  And since my family, which with me being the youngest of seven is large to begin with,  loves adopting magical people into it and never runs out of room there is plenty of space for these two and their adorable daughters.  No worries, Chrystal, this doesn’t mean Kylie can’t marry Braden someday 😉
Chrystal and I have spent hours talking, well..texting and not just wedding planning, but life as well and I can say she is just as beautiful in mind and spirit as she is in appearance.  And a night owl who is a Doctor Who fan as well, can I get a malto bene!  And having only met Josh yesterday I can say he is just the same and his lightness of spirit is what sparks Chrystal to lay aside the stress that is ever present in the last month before a wedding day.  And yes, it is less than a month until these two say their vows and begin to write the next chapter of their family’s story so how perfect was it to go back to their hometown where their friendship first took root and they started on the path that leads to June 16th, 2017.   It’s going to be amazing!



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