Kelsey & Nick – Gervasi Vineyard Engagement Session

One of the main things I love about Kelsey & Nick is that they know what they want and they have their own “mutter language” that they use to communicate quickly and decisively and honestly I don’t know that they even need that because there are constant quick glances and little smirks that I know they can each read like a book.   And they don’t let an opportunity pass them by, like when Gervasi Vineyards in Canton granted us rare permission to hold their engagement session there with the caveat that it be in the off season of February or March.  In Ohio that can mean -15F or apparently 60F+ . This wise couple kept an eye on the forecast and called me based on a promising 7 day forecast and nature delivered with a sun as bold and bright as you might see in Tuscany itself.   Check it out.


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