Brian & Megan – Wedding Re-Boot

Okay, so when Megan called me up to tell me of the amazingly sweet surprise she and Brian had planned for his Nana I was so excited. Nana wasn’t able to come to their wedding back on August 29th, so they wanted to bring her the cake that was supposed to hang out in their freezer until their first anniversary. Pretty darn sweet, no? Well, hold on, there’s more. From that nucleus of an idea Megan suggested that they bring the cake dressed in their wedding finery. And have their families there also dressed as they were for the wedding. And since they were doing all of that why not invite their favorite wedding photog to come along and capture not only all of that, but to also to get a second chance at taking the photos with their race car, Zoomy, since the rain cancelled that opportunity in August. This was without a doubt the most emotional, sweet, kind and beautiful celebration I’ve had the honor of taking part in. Weddings are about love and Megan and Brian have perfected it not only for themselves, but for everyone in their lives.  Maybe we can do it again in a few months?  Anyone? Bueller?110815-2110815-5110815-6110815-15110815-12110815-17110815-20110815-25110815-21110815-30110815-32110815-33110815-55110815-58110815-59110815-60110815-65110815-72


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