Patrick & Ashley – The Overlook Wedding

Wedding days are magical and beautiful and capture the purity of a couples love forever.  And they’re also inherently crazy, kinda frantic and things go awry.  Honestly, it is how a couple reacts when things do go other than as planned that can make or break a wedding day.  Some lose their minds and go Zilla and others smile, shrug and cope with hands entwined.  And Patrick and Ashley’s wedding day added several “when things go wrong, like really wrong”chapters to my wedding Book o’ Knowledge, but those read as pages to shake you head at, cluck your tongue a bit and shudder and then you forget about them when you get to the part where the Bride and Groom’s smiles never waivered, they rolled with the punches and everyone only remembers how wonderful their wedding celebration truly was.  And that is the best way to begin a marriage.

Venue & Caterer: The Overlook – Kent, OH

Cake/Desserts: Natalie’s – Akron, OH

Bridal Gown & Bridemaids Dresses:  David’s Bridal

Men’s Formalwear: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair Salon: Gavin Scott Salon & Spa – Stow, OH


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