Hannah – Class of 2016

Oh my gilly gosh did Hannah and I have fun at her Senior session!  Such a beautiful young woman in such a lovely location – I felt like a kid in a candy shop!  And her Mom, Lisa, definitely felt a bit of the giddy joy as well, special thanks to her for bringing an antique chair full of special memories.

Hannah is like a drop of sunshine, we had our laughs, especially when trying our hardest not to laugh.  She’s smart as can be, down to Earth and by golly does she have the reflexes of an angel!  My light stand went over and I will forever be able to replay in my head Hannah’s hand popping out of nowhere and catching it inches before it would’ve hit the concrete. And that was the feeling I got about Hannah, that she is someone you’d love to have by your side in the happy times and also in the trying ones.  Hannah is looking at many colleges, right now Ohio State looks to be at the top of her list while she decides just where to apply her many talents.  I know in my bones that whatever she does and wherever she goes, she will be a great asset to the program and the people who are lucky enough to meet her.

And Hunter, Hannah’s twin brother, even stopped by for a few photos of this dynamic duo!  Look out world, these two are getting ready to step out and add to your shine!

091315-9 091315-4-2

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