Hunter – Class of 2016

Hunter is an amazing young man with big dreams, but with his feet on solid ground.  When we were planning his session I was told of his model airplane hobby, and warned that the plane he wanted to bring to the session was big, but nothing prepared me for the finely crafted airplane he brought with him.  Built by Hunter and already proven in flight it was just the beginning of his aeronautic Senior portrait session.  M.A.P.S. air museum was the perfect location for his session and had we not been scurrying around taking photos we could have spent hours speaking with their amazingly knowledgeable and gracious staff.  They gave us opportunities and access to so many types of aircraft that we normally would only be able to admire from a distance.

As wonderful as the location was, Hunter outshone it and I truly enjoyed getting to know this young man on the cusp of a grand adventure.  And I am excited that I will get to spend a little more time with him and his family, who made me immediately feel as if I were a part of them, when I photograph his twin sister in a few weeks.

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