Tone – Class of 2016

By trade I specialize in weddings, but when a friend from my own high school days asked me to take her son’s Senior portraits who am I to say no?  And y’know what, I loved it!  As in I fear I am going to carve out another niche for myself and do that dreaded move that makes it real…updating my website to add a Senior Portraits offering.

Now let’s talk a bit about Tone.  He is pretty much the polar opposite of what I remember myself being lo these 20 years gone when I was starting my Senior year.  He has plans, goals and already a full wardrobe of University of Kentucky t-shirts.   He is an amazing rugby player, reputed to have the largest quads on the squad and the college recruiters haven’t failed to notice him.  Beyond the athletic ability lies a mind and heart full of kindness, humor and wisdom beyond his years.  I always enjoy taking photos, but with Tone I truly enjoyed conversing with him while we wended our way around Brandywine Falls.

Wherever the future takes Tone, I am sure it will be a bright one.

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