Cory & Hannah’s Intimate July 4, 2015 Lakeside Wedding – Springfield, OH

Cory and Hannah are the exact type of couple I had in mind when I decided to never have a minimum booking time.  They wanted a very simple, intimate wedding ceremony with only their immediate family at Springfield Lake Gazebo, but since Hannah herself is a photographer she knew she really, really wanted a professional photographer there to make sure she had the memories forever as they were and so they could share their wedding day with everyone they love who was not there in person.  They only needed me for one hour, but oh what a magical hour it was!  One hour changed their lives forever, committed them to a journey together as husband and wife and kicked off that new life together with lots of emotion; laughter, tears and pure joy.

Congratulations to you both, I know you’re enjoying your honeymoon jaunt all over Ohio and getting ready to bring your new hedgehog friend into your new little family.   I wish you all the best and I am so, so very happy that I could be the one to stand behind the camera on your wedding day.

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