Mark & Callie – Downtown Akron Engagement

When you show up to your engagement session the last thing you probably want to hear from your photographer is, “So, I’ve decided to scrap most of the locations we planned on going to.”  But when the clients are Callie and Mark and this is the shot the photog shows you on her camera,  you instead get a happy clap and excitement along with a “Oh yes, let’s go there instead.”  Because…well, they rock! 


These two are total naturals in front of the camera and it was all I could do to keep up with Callie’s amazing posing switchups.  The chick knows how to move it, move it!  She and Mark go together like peas and carrots and their relaxed attitudes and amazing ability to not let the chill temperatures get to them made this session one of my all-time favorites.  I am so glad they were open to my creativity and just a ton of fun to hang out with.  And I am also pretty pleased that I Google Earthed my way around this new downtown Akron location before the session so I could happen upon this urban grunge  oasis at Lock 3 park.

I just know that their July wedding is going to be filled with love, laughter, tons of fabulous style and so many fantastic family and friends because who couldn’t love these two?  I know I already do!

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